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Zhongshan CBR Sporting Goods Co., Ltd., established in November 2009, the original company name to "Zhongshan City carrying show daily products Co., Ltd.. Company has set up a factory in the beautiful, Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City, is China's first self-designed, production, sales, cycling equipment enterprises one of the. Products include: bicycle riding, cycling gloves, bag protector, 100% sales in Taiwan and South Korea market. At that time, with the Taiwan Yake international Limited by Share Ltd jointly owned "CBR" brand.

2010 "CBR" brand began to enter the Chinese market. Due to the new product design, fashion design, advanced technology, excellent quality, just two years, "CBR" as a high-end brand of riding equipment in the domestic almost "well-known", much riding well, in the industry to guide the trend of products, a super sports equipment in the world.

In April 2012, to expand the scale of production, the company relocated to sewing industry concentration has the title of baby stroller China Town - Dongsheng Town, Zhongshan City, was renamed Zhongshan City Dongsheng Town car Cyprus sports goods factory, specializing in the production of bicycles and cycling gloves two major categories of products, in the domestic several provinces with agents, in addition to the promotion of the brand of the CBR, the factory also registered the "car of Cyprus", "SR-SagaRider" "V-PENG - domain Peng" brand. And many domestic large wholesalers OEM production, including GUB, PROMEND, windspeed, TS-BIKE, and other well-known domestic brand. Zhongshan City Dongsheng Town car Cyprus sports goods factory specializing in the production, attention quality, attentive service, new image display to ride a pedestrian in a new bag China eyes. Factory is in the development of good faith and expanding. In November 2013. In Hunan bimodal set up branch, Shuangfeng County join Exhibition Sports Goods Factory)

Due to the needs of the development of the company, Zhongshan City Dongsheng Town car Cyprus sports supplies factory in July 2015 upgrade for Zhongshan City car Cyprus Sports Goods Co., Ltd., the registered capital is 200 million yuan, the company employees (including Hunan Branch) to nearly 200 people, the company to "brand first, service first" spirit and service concept, for riding professionals provide high-quality riding equipment. Sales platform, mainly for the domestic electricity supplier of high quality customers, including RockBros, acacia, Inbike, Coolchange such as the domestic big brands, also products are selling to Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States market and in Thailand, Korea sales "CBR" brand products. The company will well-known domestic enterprises XDS, Sava provides riding accessory products. Today bicycle industry booming in China, and green riding, health and environmental protection philosophy is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. We are convinced that joint efforts in the company of all outstanding employees, Zhongshan City car Cyprus Sports Goods Co., Ltd. tomorrow will be better!